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The Older Arab Generations Ruined Us

December 27, 2011

In the Middle East, and usually around the world, older generations are usually seen to be wise individuals who you give good advice and know how the world works and what to do with large problems…any problem really. I, a youth of the Arab World, disagree with this. I disagree with all of this. I disagree with this whole “older people are wiser” bullshit.

With all that’s going around us in the region, I have realized this “older the wiser” crap is just that. Crap. It dawned on me one day, we are in the current situation now because of the mistakes of the generations before us. I was speaking to my father about the current situation we are in earlier on in the day. It was then, and there, I realized the older generations of Arabs are a mess. My father hold a P.hD – he is a very educated man, his friend also is a very well-read man – so you would expect more logic and more open-mindedness from two educated people. It was there I realized that, well, these older generations believe what they want to believe because not only does it suit their personal opinions, but because whatever they support (or not support) gives them two excuses:

1.) To give the mistakes, they know they made, some legitimacy.
2.) To allow them to further cling on to this “power” they believe they have.

Either way, it is frustrating and the best way to anger someone. You know, its also very insulting. They see the auditions on Arab Idol and Superstar then say “this is your generation of the revolutions?”. They sit back and watch the uprisings and protests and crying youth who have no jobs and say “it’s okay, God will send us. We should focus on Israel”. You know what? NO. We shouldn’t. How do we stand up to Israel and the USA when we have so much garbage, so much hurt, and so much problems going on in our nations? Don’t you have to be strong in order to stand up to those who oppress us and hurt us? Don’t we have to clean up the mess we have first in order to clean the mess of the others? To them? The answer is no.

Youth around the world have opportunities and scholarships and job offerings – we sit at home and watch the flies sit on the wall. When they get angry, they are heard and supported by their families and friends until those in power listen to them. Then, when we have reached breaking point, we leave our homes and our nations and sit in God-forsaken foreign lands to make a living – and while doing so we live in humiliation and heartbreak. Why? Because these older generations could not make us a future in our home lands. Why do we have to leave Jordan and Lebanon to live? Why do we have to leave because these regimes YOU IDIOTS put in power hurt us further and dig us deeper into the ground? Why do we have to keep quiet while the situations you created for us get more out of hand? You expect us to do what you did? Hold onto our Bibles and Qurans and say tomorrow God will give us a better day? No.

I came across another older individual on Facebook today who really angered me. I tweeted about it. I think in my anger, and through my tweets, I conveyed this idea much more effectively than I ever could now (calm). I received a suggestion to sit and post my tweets here, on my blog post. I will do so here (in paragraph form), although they were a series of tweets. They were as follows:

You know what? I am going to put #Syria on the side for a quick second. Im sick and tired of 60 year old Arabs trying to tell us what to do, your generations had the chance and you guys ALL failed us. Soon you will all die, and we are left to clean up your shit. It is the younger Arab generations who have a say now. It is US who choose what we want to do with our nations and our futures. Leave us to do our thing! US = Arab youth around the #MENA. Leave us to make our future, you failed in making us one, we must do it now. I have just about had it with these 60-90 year old Arabs talking like were fools. Walk yourselves to your homes and shut up…NOW! While you sat in your living rooms cheering on the pieces of scum who have destroyed us year after year, we grew up ans have no future. I understand what the Arab youth are doing now is new and different and out of the norm for you older generations, but do you blame us?

The Arab youth are NOT drug-addicts, and uneducated thugs. We ARE educated and we have no jobs, no futures, no money..nothing! What do we do? Do we sit and watch you guys further dig us to the ground? No. We will not. None of us will. We need to live.We need some light in the darkness you older generations created and put us in. No more darkness. Hello lights. Don’t like it? Too bad :D. If we get arrested, if we get shot…good. Maybe those after us or those who survive may have a future. I am done with you old Arabs. Give yourselves a pat on the backs, you ruined us and created what we have today – more uncertainty than ever before.

And that’s it. Older Arab generations can’t let go of this “authority” they think they have. Its stupid. It’s our future. You stayed quiet when your rights were oppressed, you stayed quiet when you had no jobs, you stayed quiet when you couldn’t drive because you are a woman, you stayed quiet when minorities were slaughtered, you stayed quiet when you couldn’t go to universities because it was expensive, you stayed quiet when you were slaughtered, and you stayed quiet when no jobs were available to you because the regimes and leaders want to keep you poor and under their control. Those days are done and gone.

Welcome to the light. You can’t handle it? Put some shades on. It’s our Middle East now.

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