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My Tweets On USA and the #MENA

January 3, 2012

As promised for those who asked, I have summed up my tweets on USA and Iraq here. Here you go, it all started with this tweet I came across:

Iraq’s Sunni finance minister narrowly survived a car bombing on Monday that has increased sectarian tension #Iraq

This is what the Bush Administration has created

Okay, wait, let’s see #Iraq? Sectarian tensions? *grabs face* you dont say!! Iraq’s sectarian tensions have increased sectarian tensions in the whole region, if people haven’t noticed. Thank you very much Bush Administration. Pricks. Then, because of this, we have Christians saying “look at the Christians of Iraq”, and Sunnis saying “look what happened to us there”. So in other words, Bush’s illegal and unjust war on Iraq created hatred across the entire Middle East. Plus, us Lebanese? Look, tnen meto bi China lyoum, shu ra2ykon n2atil ba3ed kermeilon? Sectarian issues my ass… we are just puppets in a US play. Hell yeah!

Then we, the stupid Arab world, thought the US wanted oil. OBVIOUSLY NOT, they have something much better. A #MENA thats killing itself. You think the USA didnt know they were gonna have to pull out of#Iraq? And that Iran wouldn’t fill the power vacuum? Yes! They wanted that so Sunni Arab World can claim Iran is out for them, take it out on Arab Shiites and there you go! They play must go on!

Now don’t get me wrong, Iran – like Turkey, is a threat to the Arab world. But I think we have bigger fish to fry. Plus, question? Had the Arab world been functioning properly, would Turkey and Iran have a say in our affairs? Nope. So back to my post on my blog last week – the older Arab generations RUINED us. We sit at the mercy of sectarian Iran and power hungry Turkey. SOO, when power-hungry “Empire States” support one or another in our region, it does one thing – keep thugs like Assad in power longer. In order for a proper Arab Spring to take course, we need to drop our attachments to Iran, KSA, France, Turkey. Its for the Arab people, not for the Iranian and Turkish benefits. Its us who die and suffer. So in other words, drop the Empire fucks and focus on us ONLY. I am a “Sunni” – IDC if Turks are all Sunni or supporting the “Sunni Cause”. Theyre only doing it for one reason – more power in the region. Same thing with Iran and the “Shiite Cause”.

IDC what anyone says. Screw all of these outside fucks. Time for us to wake up. Thanks again Bush Administration. Putting us behind the rest of the world for another 60 years. Increasing our tensions, war, killings, and instability. On, and for opening the doors for outside nations to continue what you started – destroying the #MENA.

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