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Let’s Speak Dutch!

February 23, 2012

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by the awesome Bart Van Ballaert [ @bavbll ] from the University of Antwerp’s monthly paper “dwars“. Dwars has a monthly section for international students to contribute a piece of their choice – as long as it links to students at the university level. How great is that?

At first I was a little stumped on what to write about. But then it came to me – the political divide of student bodies in Lebanon, the country’s political parties and their influence in student elections, and of course Hezballah. However, with a little motivation, and a tiny idea given to me by Bart in regards to Hezballah and Lebanon’s American institutions, I was well on my way.

I think it is great to have a chance to talk about Lebanon whenever we get the chance. For a small country, we are largely misunderstood – on all levels. Speaking about such tiny things like student elections and student-body divide can go a long way. I encourage all of us to get involved and send out articles about Lebanon to international sections of any paper – student or other.

So, in conclusion – thanks Bart and thank you dwars!

Anyway, check it out on the dwars website where it can be downloaded in PDF format.

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