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About Seif

I am a Lebanese-Canadian, who is extremely interested in politics, religion, life, love, and Lebanon.  I used to be a Biology Major student, focusing primarily on prions and infectious diseases. That, however, is not the case any longer. My major has shifted from the biological sciences to a Political Science and Journalism double major, and a minor in creative writing. A big shift, but a great one as well. As of January 2011, I will be a full time student,and Beiruti,  studying at LAU . I speak in sarcasm, and have very VERY loud opinions… but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear yours!

I took up blogging as it came to me as a suggestion from a very close friend, and through it my writing and I have flourished. It’s truly an awesome thing to take up, especially if writing is something you like. Through it, I have expressed me beliefs, tackled many issues, and really advanced in my schooling, and maybe one day my life in general, through it.

I am Seif… and this is Beirut.

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